Yes. I had tears welling up in my eyes as I watched the new commercial from Extra Gum. But guess what? I wasn’t the only one. Not by a LONG shot! Twitter lit up with people (women AND men!) talking about how they couldn’t believe a gum commercial had made them cry. It was hilarious. Comments describing “ugly” crying and questioning what it was about a silly gum commercial that could possible evoke such emotion. Well, I can tell you why we all sat there crying–AND why we’ve watched that spot over and over and over again. It’s because Extra Gum communicated with us based on a human truth rather than a brand feature. They told us a love story. And we watched–completely enthralled as it unfolded before our eyes.

Enough talking. Take a look at this brilliant piece of brand storytelling:

In this world of message clutter, the brands that will stand out and thrive are the ones who can tell us the best stories. Ones that resonate with us and touch us on a human level. They are the ones we’ll remember and that will win our loyalty. And Extra Gum just did that in a HUGE way.

And for writers, this is great news. Why? Because we’re the storytellers. Brands need us. Causes need us. Businesses of all sizes need us. They need us to find and tell their stories in ways that will help them find and keep the customers and clients who will help them grow. It’s a big deal. Are you up to the challenge?

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