It’s ALWAYS About YOU!!

"This is what I want to do."

"I don't care what you need. I need THIS."

"Just be quiet and listen to me." 

If you've ever been in a relationship that centered around the other person, some of this might sound all too familiar. And--it's probably not TOO much of a stretch to guess that you might have said this one or two times:

"Why is it ALWAYS about YOU?" What about ME? Don't I matter?

When a relationship is (or at least appears to be) one-sided, it doesn't feel good, does it? It doesn't make you feel close to the other person. It doesn't make you want to do anything for them. It doesn't make you miss them when they're not around. And it surely doesn't make you want to stay with them. 

What does any of this have to do with being an entrepreneur?  More than you might think.

If your business is coming off to potential customers as being all about you, then why in the world would they want to pick you over one of your competitors that's all about them? Again, think about relationships. Who are you going to be more attracted to? The person who's always wanting the focus to be on them? Or the person who's genuinely and consistently interested in your needs and finding ways to fulfill them? It's a no-brainer, right?

So, how do you know if your business is coming off as being self-absorbed? Here are three simple red flags to look for:

  • Your website copy includes a lot of sentences starting with "We" or "I".
  • You talk about features of your offerings instead of benefits.
  • You use language in your marketing copy that's full of industry jargon instead of communicating in a way that potential customers will understand and relate to.

If you find one or more of these red flags, here are three simple things you can do to make your potential customers swoon:

  • Be "YOU"-focused when writing your promotional copy--including what's on your website. Start more sentences that put the customer first--such as "You work really hard to make sure your kids have what they need." Or "Have you ever wondered what it would be like to not worry about money?" By doing this, you're acknowledging the pain points of your potential customers and, in turn, they see that you really "get" them.
  • Talk about benefits more than features. Who cares if you offer freelance design services? What does that mean for the customer? Tell them how you're going to make their life better with the services you offer. Maybe it's that you make the design experience fun for them. Or that the design work you do will set their business apart from the competition and increase their sales. Whatever those benefits are, COMMUNICATE ABOUT THEM TO POTENTIAL CUSTOMERS !
  • Write copy like your potential customers talk. When you use industry jargon or other complicated language, you lose a chance to connect with your audience. Communicate with potential customers in ways that they can relate to. Do that and you'll win fans along the way.

No matter what business you're in, you've got competitors out there who are trying to look better in the eyes of potential customers. By simply changing the focus of how you communicate, you can stand out--BIG TIME. So, get out there and prove to everyone what a great catch you are by putting the needs and interests of your current and potential customers front and center!

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Is Your Business Showing Up to the Wrong Party on Social Media?

"I've just started a new business and I need to be on Facebook."

"My competitors are on Twitter--so I need to be on Twitter, too."

"I just heard about Snapchat. How do I get started on it?"

These are the things I hear from my coaching clients and others when it comes to how their businesses should show up on social media. They feel a crushing sense of overwhelm when it comes to figuring out how to fit social media into their already crazy schedules. They struggle with how they're going to find time to tweet, post and pin things their audiences will like every single day.

Believe me, I get it. The pressure is on to make sure your business is getting likes, shares, pins, retweets, comments, views, and all other kinds of recognition. One--it makes us feel good to get noticed. And, two, there's hope that this recognition will lead to increased brand awareness among those in our target audience and that this awareness will eventually generate sales.

Here's the thing: You don't need to be on EVERY social media platform-or even more than ONE-in order to succeed.

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When it comes to choosing which social media party you're going to attend--go where your audience already is. And don't assume you already know. Just because you use Instagram doesn't mean your customers or clients do. Here are a few quick tips to help you figure out where you need to be:

  • Know who your target audience is.
  • Ask your current clients or customers which social media platforms they use the most.
  • Do some research to see how active your audience is on social media platforms. (If they don't actually engage with the platforms they're on, then you might want to consider if you want to spend time posting content to those platforms. Again, this is something you can ask them about.)
  • Understand the demographics of each of the most popular social medial platforms. Here's a great post from Sprout Social to help with that.

Once you decide which platform(s) you're going to focus on--and I advise my coaching clients to pick no more than two--learn everything about how they work and the best type of content to post on them. Also, remember that if you're not posting content and engaging with your followers on a regular basis on social media, you quickly become irrelevant. Harsh--yet true.

If you're going to pursue social media as part of your content marketing efforts, COMMIT!

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No doubt, social media can be a mind-boggler for entrepreneurs--especially if it's just YOU who's having to run everything with your business. But keep it simple. Go to the social media party where your audience has already arrived. And forget the rest.

If you're just starting a business or in the process of thinking about starting one, you probably have a TON of questions and not nearly enough time to find the answers. That's what The Page-Turner Mission Coaching Program is here for! I'd love to chat with you about how I can help you on this new venture. So, shoot me an email at to schedule a time to connect!

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