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for Cash Connection: Online Courses

What knowledge do you have that people will pay for? How do you put an online course together? Where do you find the people who will take your course? How can you make a difference by teaching? Check out the resources below to learn more!


Teach and Grow Rich by Danny Iny

This is a REALLY short read about the impact online education is having on the world and how entrepreneurs can use online courses to make a difference in the lives of those they serve. If you need some convincing about why teaching online is a compelling opportunity, this book might just do the trick. I really enjoyed it!

Presentation Zen Design: Simple Design Principles and Techniques to Enhance Your Presentations by Garr Reynolds​

When you're putting the visuals together for an online course module, you'll typically be working in PowerPoint or Keynote. So, you need to know how to design slides that will hold the attention of your students AND that will effectively convey the information you're communicating. This is a great book to help you hone that skill.


The Zen Courses Show with Janelle Allen

I recently started listening to this podcast and have really enjoyed the way Janelle Allen interviews her guests. She asks the questions I want to know the answers to when it comes to online course development and marketing.

Monetize Your Expertise.

Let's face it. If you're looking at online courses as a revenue stream--that means you have to monetize them! This podcast features interviews with people in different niches who have learned how to make money with their online courses.

The Online Course Coach

In this podcast, you'll hear interviews with people who are doing all kinds of cool things with online course creation. Not only is it interesting, you might just pick up a few tips you can use along the way!


Courses about creating courses? Yep! I've taken each of the courses below and have found them to be SUPER helpful.

How to Create an Awesome Online Course

This was one of the first courses I ever took regarding how to create an online course. It helped me SO MUCH--particularly with the technical issues of course creation, like slide dimensions, audio, video, etc.

Course Builder's Laboratory

This course, which is offered by Mirasee, provides VERY in-depth instruction and coaching for those who are really committed to building a business featuring online courses. I'm a member and have learned so much. It was a significant financial investment, but--for me--I feel like it was well worth it.


Here are links to the tools I mentioned in the book: